Tuesday, May 9 6:30pm

Panel Disucssion following screening with the four survivors in the film, Megan, Sarah, Peter, and Lisa

In Survivors, Sarah, Peter, Megan and Lisa tell the stories of the incidents that forever changed their lives and the courage and resilience it took to move forward and create lives that are not centered on the assaults that occurred. Presented by Sonoma County’s rape crisis, trauma and healing center, Verity, the 30-minute film will be followed by a panel discussion.

Survivors explores how we rise above trauma and reclaim our lives. With each survivor on a different path to healing in the film, a compelling truth emerges: sexual assault can happen to anyone in our community, and when it does, advocates and groups in Sonoma County are dedicated to supporting all of us. We also learn how sharing one’s story can help other survivors heal. This will be a night to focus on a widely under-reported topic with an emphasis on healing, empowerment, and solidarity.


Running Time 60 mins

Genre Documentary

MPAA Rating Not Rated

Admission & Prices

General Admission $15

*if the price is cost prohibitive, please contact Verity at