Keys, Bags, Names, Words

Tuesday, September 19 • 7pm

Q&A to follow with Director and Producer Cynthia Stone, Co-creator hear/say project GBHI Caroline Prioleau, and feature subject Jill Harmon

Dementia is one of the greatest fears of people today. This documentary shifts that narrative of fear and hopelessness to one of hope and action.There are things we can do as individuals to reduce our risk of developing dementia. There are ways to connect meaningfully with our loved ones, even if they no longer recognize us. We can live a high quality of life after diagnosis. Keys Bags Names Words shows intimate profiles of people living with dementia and their care partners. You’ll meet doctors discussing what you can do in your life to support brain health and prevent cognitive decline. And you’ll meet musicians and artists, scientists and policy experts from around the world engaged in a bold approach to tackling one of the greatest global challenges for health and social care in the 21st century, dementia and brain health. This film is not a lament to loss, but a quirky and inspiring celebration of the human spirit.

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Running Time 85 mins

Genre Documentary

MPAA Rating Not Rated

Directed by
Cynthia Stone