Code of Conduct

Reflecting the spirit of exploration and discovery of the movies that we show, Rialto Cinemas strives to operate cinemas that challenge expectations and prompt reflection and discussion. To that end, we are committed to providing a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment for our customers and staff.  Rialto Cinemas will not tolerate harassment of any kind, abusive or derogatory language, or offensive or threatening behavior. If we perceive the safety or dignity of any of our customers or staff to be at risk, Rialto Cinemas reserves the right to take action to rectify the situation, including but not limited to revoking an individual’s access to the venue and prohibiting their entry in the future.

We welcome feedback on our programs and on your experience at Rialto Cinemas. Please reach out to us with any comments, questions or concerns at  Thank you for your patronage and support.