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Titian: The Empire of Color

Tuesday, October 3 • 1 & 7pm

Winning over popes and emperors with his iconic, revolutionary works Titian succeeded in becoming one of the artists that symbolized the entire Renaissance. Titian was an extraordinary master of color and a brilliant entrepreneur, innovative both in a painting’s composition but also in how to sell it. In only a few years, Tiziano Vecellio became the official painter of Venice and the utmost artist sought after by the richest and most influential Courts in Europe. From Ferrara to Urbino, from Mantua to Rome, up to the Spain of Carlos V and his son Felipe II, Titian crossed his century illuminating it with his works of art, inspiring future generations of artists. Perfect interpreter of religion and mythology, portrayer of immediate expressive strength, he dominated his time outshining his contemporaries, always abiding by his motto: ‘Art is more powerful than Nature’

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Running Time 88 mins

Genre Documentary

MPAA Rating Not Rated

Jessica Piccolo Valerani
Tommaso Amadio
Leonardo Scarpa
Giovanni Tomassetti
Diego Carli

Directed by
Giulio Boato
Laura Chiossone

Written by
Donato Dallavalle
Marco Panichella
Lucia Toso

Admission & Prices

Reserve Seat $18

*Prices subject to service charge