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Bedrooms & Hallways

Bedrooms & Hallways

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Several months ago we recommended Rose Troche's directorial debut Go Fish. Our next Rialto Recommends is her second feature the British comedy BEDROOMS & HALLWAYS. A light, soap-operatic satire of shifting sexual orientation from Rose Troche, the director of "Go Fish," this Brit import was a buzz flick at Gay and Lesbian film festivals all through 1998 for its steady supply of laughs, its exploration of sexual identity and its somewhat surprising last act. The San Francisco Chronicle said "This roundelay of upwardly mobile, hip, 30ish Londoners almost represents a Kinsey curve, with the exclusively gay and straight at either end and a lot of gray area in between, enough to make it interesting and to make more than a few people uncomfortable. Making people a little uncomfortable is not a bad thing for comedy, and just when things start to look too formulaic, BEDROOMS & HALLWAYS turns out the way a good comedy should, with all the main characters coupling up -- but in ways that cannot be foreseen." While the Austin Chronicle said "A witty script and bright performances lend vibrancy to the movie as it explores the possibilities and permutations of sexuality and intimacy. It never delves too deeply into the ramifications of all this, but its breeziness may also be part of its charm" BEDROOMS & HALLWAYS is streaming on Amazon, Hoopla, DirectTV, EPix and Dekkoo HERE.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Kevin McKidd
James Purefoy
Tom Hollander
Simon Callow
Directed by
Rose Troche
Written by
Robert Farrar
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