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GREAT ART ON SCREEN: Frida – Viva La Vida

GREAT ART ON SCREEN: Frida – Viva La Vida

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Wed, March 17 - Tue, March 23
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An iconic and independent woman versus the artist tormented by agony and love!

Frida - Viva La Vida is a cinematic documentary event film that highlights the two sides of Frida Kahlo's spirit: on the one side, a revolutionary pioneering artist of contemporary feminism and on the other, a human being tormented by agony and love.

The duality of the artist will be revealed through an expose of Frida Kahlo's own words, her letters, diaries, and private confessions.

Featuring interviews with Hilda Trujillo Soto, the director of the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City and Cristina Kahlo, Frida Kahlo's grandniece, historical documents, photographs, clothes and other personal items belonging to Frida, kept in the archives of the Frida Kahlo Museum and normally not accessible to the public, as well as captivating reconstructions, and Kahlo's own paintings, on display in some of the most amazing museums in Mexico, this art documentary film retraces the life of Frida Kahlo between the suffering marking the events in her life and her unconditional love for her craft.

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in English and Spanish with English subtitles
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Asia Argento
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