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Indie films come in all shapes and sizes. Yesterday our Rialto Recommends was an indie by superstar director with a big name cast. Today for Rialto Recommends we go 180 degrees in the opposite direction with a film that received some notable acclaim but had very limited theatrical distribution. In TULLY (not to be confused with the Charlize Theron starrer with the same title) Tully Jr. and Earl live on their father's Nebraska ranch, proud and independent to a fault. While the shy, reclusive Earl spends his free time watching movies, the cockier Tully works his way through a succession of short-term affairs and an off-again, on-again relationship with April, a stripper in town. When their childhood friend Ella returns to town to start a veterinary practice, however, Tully falls for her -- although the townsfolk have their doubts that he could ever commit to one woman. The Miami Herald called TULLY "An uncommonly perceptive and finely shaded character drama." While the Boston Globe raved "The film's unhurried pace is actually one of its strengths. Entirely appropriately, the tale unfolds like a lazy summer afternoon and concludes with the crisp clarity of a fall dawn." The Washington Post said "Modestly budgeted but richly visual film." Check out TULLY for a modest rental fee from YouTube or GooglePlay HERE.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Julianne Nicholson
Anson Mount
Delaney Driscoll
Andy Signore
Directed by
Hilary Birmingham
Written by
Hilary Birmingham
Matt Drake
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