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Our next Rialto Recommends is a historical epic from Istvan Szabo who directed the wonderful film Being Julia which we previously recommended. Szabo's 2000 film SUNSHINE (not to be confused with the 2007 Danny Boyle film of the same name) is a sprawling epic starring Ralph Fiennes, Rosemary Harris and Rachel Weisz. The story of three generations of the Sonnenscheins, a Jewish-Hungarian family that began when Hungary was ruled by the Austro-Hungarian empire, changed their name to Sors in order to survive the years of Nazi occupation, and now faces the fallout of the postwar Communist legacy. Roger Ebert said "This is a movie of substance and thrilling historical sweep, and its three hours allow Szabo to show the family's destiny forming and shifting under pressure." While the LA Weekly wrote "What makes SUNSHINE unique, what rewards a first viewing and lives in the mind long thereafter, is that Szabo has attempted to place Judaism and Christianity on a continuum that is both historically truthful and highly personal." The New York Times said "Leaves you with a sense of quiet, chastened grace." SUNSHINE is available to rent for a modest fee from Apple. Check out this historical epic and share your thoughts with us in the comments. Or if renting from Apple isn't an option then check out Danny Boyle's 2007 film of the same name but an altogether different story which stars Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans and Michelle Yeoh.

Film Facts
Running Time
MPAA Rating
Ralph Fiennes
Rosemary Harris
Rachel Weisz
Directed by
István Szabó
Written by
István Szabó
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