Silent Movie Day 9.29

South: ErnEst Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition (1919)

The Original Film of the 1914-16 Expedition

“Not a life lost and we have been through hell!”

Ernst Shackleton

In 1914 Ernest Shackleton and crew set sail for Antarctica on the Endurance with the goal of traversing the continent. Cameraman Frank Hurley was onboard to document their odyssey. But just miles from shore, the ship was trapped and then crushed in pack ice. The crew drifted on ice floes for months before landing on a deserted island. With no hope of rescue, Shackleton and five men set out on an 850-mile journey in the roughest seas in the world, in an open boat with only a sextant to guide them. Miraculously they reached South Georgia Island where they crossed mountainous terrain to reach the island’s whaling station. One of the greatest epics in the history of exploration, this is the original 1919 film produced by Shackleton and Hurley.


Year 1919

Running Time 88

Genre Silent, Adventure, Documentary, History

MPAA Rating Not Rated

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

Directed by
Frank Hurley

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General Admission $9

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