Q&A with Special Guests Terry Winter, RN – Sonoma County Healthcare Working Group and Anthony Wright – Executive Director, Health Access following film

American Hospitals takes a deep dive into the out-of-control cost of hospitals and their transformation into a money-driven big business. How can we incentivize hospitals to provide the highest quality care with the lowest affordable cost to the community? Join Healthy California NOW and its coalition of partners, including the California Nurse-Midwives Association, for a screening and discussion of the new provocative documentary American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System.

Today hospital care is too often about money and power than serving the health needs of patients and the community.  “American Hospitals” examines the pernicious incentives driving health care’s astronomical pricing, its monopolistic practices and the pervasive inequities in access and treatment. The film identifies innovative solutions that deserve national attention to restore hospitals to their historic focus on community health at affordable cost. 


Running Time 120 mins

Genre Documentary

MPAA Rating Not Rated

Directed by
Vincent Mondillo

Produced by
Unfinished Business Foundation, founded by Richard Master

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